Designing the rebirth of the Mexican Shipbuilding Industry.

The sparks are flying in what will soon be the furnace of the newly revived shipbuilding industry in Mexico. PEMEX is stoking the fire with their recent announcement stating that they require 21 vessels with a strong preference that they be built in Mexico. One company is ahead of the game with a number of fresh designs available for inspired shipyards that wish to be a part of this rebirth.

Seamac Marine Solutions SA de CV has design options readily available for local Mexican shipyards. All PEMEX requirements are met in these new designs with an exciting array of different looks that utilize the industries latest technologies while maintaining operational practicality.

“These modern designs are just in time to assist the local market in their march forward”, commented Colin McDonnell the Director of Seamac Marine Solutions SA de CV. “We have received a flurry of inquires about our services and these designs in the wake of a recent announcement made by PEMEX.”

The availability and timing of these designs has kindled the flame of interest amongst those Mexican shipyards whose ambitions are in line with PEP´s (PEMEX Exploration and Production) “Proyecto de contratación de flota nueva con construcción en México” (New fleet contracts project for construction in Mexico).

Construction time to complete the requested FSV’s, FSIV’s and PSV’s is scheduled for 18-24 months, commencing early 2013.  Mr. McDonnell stated, “With the development of these designs and our experience in vessel construction, we are able to provide that much needed head start in order to meet the PEMEX schedules”.

The Marketing Manager of Seamac Marine Solutions SA de CV, Nicholas Kinzie remarked, “It is such an exciting time to be in the naval industry here in Mexico. So much is happening and it all starts with a design, which we can provide”.

The Mexican economy directly benefits from this rebirth and local companies like Seamac Marine Solutions SA de CV are a big part of this process in all areas from project development through to management and deliveryof these projects.

“We are fortunate to be here in Mexico at such an opportune moment with designs on hand and our world class professional management teams that are geared up to get the job done on time and within budget“, Mr. McDonnell said.


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